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YOU PICK : Italian Charm : 100+ Designs : Dangles : 9MM

YOU PICK : Italian Charm : 100+ Designs : Dangles : 9MM
YOU PICK : Italian Charm : 100+ Designs : Dangles : 9MM
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You can buy multiple charms from this single listing!

The charm you see in the photo is the one you will receive. Photos are my own.
To see more of my Italian Charm listings from my shop please visit the "Italian Charms" category in my store.
You can get to my store by clicking on my username on this listing. 
Or use this link if on desktop. (copy/paste) 

All charms you purchase will be shipped together, BUT they will be individual for YOU to put together. 
If you have any disabilities/struggles/weak hands etc that keeps you from putting these charms together; PLEASE leave a note at checkout that you would like the bracelet links assembled. Also include the order you would like them in and any spellings of words/names if you purchase any letter link charms. 

Items are shipped first class with tracking in a small zip bag, inside a padded envelope. 
Invoice will be included. If item is a gift please leave a note at checkout to not include invoice.

How many link charms do I need for a bracelet? 
Measure your wrist.

Approximately 5 inches = 13 links.
Approximately 5 1/4 inches = 14 links.
Approximately 5 3/4 inches = 15 links.

Approximately 6 1/4 inches = 16 links.
Approximately 6 1/2 inches = 17 links.
Approximately 7 inches = 18 links.
Approximately 7 1/4 inches = 19 links.
Approximately 7 3/4 inches = 20 links.
Approximately 8 inches = 21 links.

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