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eBay Unique JewelleryWe Offer  Customization                                                                  &n..
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eBay Welcome to DiastarNote : This ring is made to order. Kindly confirm your ring size within 24 hours for speedy process of manufacturing.We offer CustomizationIf you want to add personal touch to this piece contact us and we will create one just for you. You can customize the f..
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eBay ❀❀❀ Welcome to my shop ❀❀❀ Thank you for your purchase and supportIf you want to buy multiple at a discounted priceplease contact us by email #aucsearchbutton{ width: auto; overflow: visible; padding: 0 6px; background: #c0c0c0; border-style: outset;..
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eBay p:empty+hr{display:none}hr+span.ebay{display:none}body{margin:0;font-family:"Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-size:14px;line-height:1.5;color:#333}a{color:#08c;text-decoration:none}a:hover{color:#08f;text-decoration:underline}img{max-width:100%;-ms-interpolation..
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eBay DESCRIPTION1930s Vintage Floral Art Shape Silver Toe Ring Old Silver Jewellery DecorativeSize- 0.6 Inches (Length)  x 0.7 Inches (Breadth)100% genuine old.You will love it.Wear & tear as visible.Indeed a collector's choice.Excellent for collection.See p..
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eBay Item Details Brand: J.Olay  Size: 17cm/6.7inch L  Adjustable 4-5mm Width High-quality Jewelry included the handicraft fee. The picture is enlarge , please check the size. Use occasion: You can take it as a gift for your  lover, your family, your friend. Test:..
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eBay NAZAR BRACELET6 Pcs Set 7 Knot Lucky Blue Evil Eye Bracelet Amulet Kabbalah Women MenUNISEXPACKAGING CAN BE DIFFERENT WE CHOOSE THE MOST ECO FRIENDLY AS WE CAN AT THE TIMEFeatures:Blue eyes are the amulet of the Turkish Evil Eye, used to detract the attention of..
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eBay .dc-dock{position:absolute;width:35px;height:20px;background:url(..
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eBay 7Pcs Toe Rings Set Adjustable Knuckle Finger Foot Knot Vintage NICE Ring NEW   #aucsearchbutton{ width: auto; overflow: visible; padding: 0 6px; background: #c0c0c0; border-style: outset; border..
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